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I am an artist: a stone sculptor.

I am a Canadian woman of First Nation, Montagnais, Metis heritage.

I am intelligent and a member of Mensa.

I am tenacious and delight in difficult tasks,

         especially if they take a long time to complete.

I have climbed the wonderous stone of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Stone understands, stone remembers, stone speaks. Stone allows the expression of what words will not, emotions, memories, dreams. Stone is capable of having a relationship - with me.

I am never alone, we are aware of our need, our need to be, our story to tell.

I love the physical energy, the structure, balance, texture of the stone that has captured me. I use hand tools to work the stone, I love to get in there, my hands, my soul, my heart. I take my time and enjoy the visceral. The back and forth, the interplay, the pattern of nature and nurture. The understanding that we have when we work together, knowing our weakness, strengths. How to strike just so, with purpose, what to keep, take, polish, roughen. Where the negative space should be; when to leave it be. Aware that my actions cannot be undone.

I allow myself to fall in love, deeply, with this stone, and with the sculpture that together we create.

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